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While it is not always the case that friends serve as adequate replacemen­ts for family in the lives of

Although Queen Victoria is often seen

While it is not always the case

older people, they do provide a “convoy of social as support.” the person This term who is started used to describe this modern the network

that friends serve as adequate tradition, of social relationsh­ips it probably that began people in rely ancient upon as they

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an important source of support, particular­ly during

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the later years of life. At this time, friends can step

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into roles toga. once occupied As the Roman by spouses and other

spread support.” term so family members across This Europe, who have passed. did is used the

In this practice way, to of wearing describe the colors network while social friends offer darker substitute networks and of in

activities mourning. that may replace work and family and act as a buffer

During relationsh­ips the Middle that Ages, people black mourning rely

against an individual’s earthly concerns.

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such, friends can be viewed as an

oration service. They offer testimonia­ls that

died in 1861, Queen Victoria wore only

important recall endearing source remembranc­es of support, of the deceased. black Their presence for the rest is powerful, of her and life, helps sealing to personthe

particular­ly during the later years tradition alize the event. of black Contact clothing MOSER as FUNERAL a symbol of

of life. At this time, friends can mourning HOME today in at the (540) western 347-3431. world. We Although are here

step for you, into 24 hours roles a day, once 7 days occupied a week. You are by

not required in modern times, many people

spouses and other family

invited to tour our facility, convenient­ly located at still 233 Broadview choose to Ave., wear Warrenton. black at a Be funeral sure to ask or

members who have passed. In while about our in mourning. BRIGHT VIEW CEMETERY, locat

this ed just way, outside friends of Warrenton. offer substitute

Memorial services and funerals give us the

networks “Walking and activities with a friend in that may chance to the honor dark is the better life than of walking the person alone who

replace work and family and act has died and to say in goodbye the light.” and offer an

as a buffer against an individual’s opportunit­y for friends and family to Helen gather Keller

earthly concerns.

together to start the journey through the grieving process. If you are interested in learning Friends more can about play the services an important MOSER FUNERAL part in HOME a offers, commemorat­ion please call (540) 347-3431. service. We invite They you to can tour our facility offer

at testimonia­ls 233 Broadview that Ave., recall Warrenton. endearing Ask us about our BRIGHT VIEW CEMETERY,

remembranc­es of the deceased.

just outside of Warrenton.

Their presence is powerful, and helps “I did to not know personaliz­e the work of mourning/ the event. Is a Contact labor in the dark/ MOSER We carry inside FUNERAL ourselves.” HOME

- today Edward Hirsch at (540) 347-3431. We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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