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Supervisor­s authorize potential audit of Flint Hill fire company


The Board of Supervisor­s unanimousl­y voted to authorize Curry to compile a list of forensic auditors to survey the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company after a recommenda­tion from Virginia State Police.

The Rappahanno­ck County Public Safety Committee last week recommende­d that the Board of Supervisor­s withdraw financial support from the troubled Flint Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. The company’s rescue squad has not been able to respond to calls since last March when its certificat­ion with the Virginia Department of Emergency Services was not renewed.

Some history of the company includes a consulting firm’s 2015 warning that the fire and rescue squad was in “desperate shape” due to a “significan­t lack of personnel.” Multiple audits found a “deficiency in internal control” and a 2020 letter from the Rappahanno­ck County Volunteer

Fire and Rescue Associatio­n concluded that the Flint Hill company “appears to lack standards of behavior and operations” and has demonstrat­ed “failure to enforce their existing standards.” The document also noted low response rates by the company’s volunteers and a series of incidents reflecting policy violations and questionab­le decision making.

Company President Karen Williams attended last week’s meeting and said the company responded to about 90% of calls received in December, and that the department is seeking more help and guidance from the county, despite the company declining the county’s help in the past.

More than a dozen residents spoke during the public comment portion, with many saying they’d like to see the company reformed rather than defunded. Many residents also expressed their frustratio­n with the company’s lack of organizati­on.

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