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Community Foundation announces Richard Lykes fund recipients, opens several 2023 grant applicatio­ns

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The Northern Piedmont Community Foundation on Tuesday announced recipients of the 2022 Richard Lykes grant, awarding nonpro ts that serve Rappahanno­ck County nearly $100,000. The organizati­on also announced that applicatio­ns have opened for the Community Assistance Grant, academic scholarshi­ps and the Youth in Philanthro­py (YIP) program.

The Lykes Fund provides assistance with projects that strengthen the community. Lykes, who passed away in 2009, believed in the importance of giving back, and continues to do so posthumous­ly. A er leaving a bequest of approximat­ely two million dollars to Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, Lykes completed the ful llment of his desire through the establishm­ent of a community fund.

Here are the recipients:

► Sustainabi­lity Matters: $10,000 for the “Making Trash Bloom” project

► Piedmont Environmen­tal Council: $4,400 for hands-on environmen­tal education for Rappahanno­ck youth

► Rappahanno­ck County Lions Club Foundation: $10,000 for encouragin­g business and trade skills in Rappahanno­ck

► Rappahanno­ck County Public Schools: $7,000 for a renewed vision for the RCPS band

► Rappahanno­ck Food Pantry:

$5,000 for the sow-cow of the month club

► Rapp at Home: $3,250 for “Rapp at the Door's Gi of Safety”

► Sperryvill­e Community Alliance: $5,000 for the Sperryvill­e Trail Network and interpreti­ve signage along the Thornton River

► Virginia Cooperativ­e Extension:

$10,000 for the John Jackson Piedmont Blues Festival

► Rappahanno­ck Historical Society: $2,500 for further digitizati­on of local Black history records

► FamilyFutu­res: $ 5,000 for expanding visions for students and families through nancial capability

► RappCats: $2,500 for support for an innovative cat neuter program in Rappahanno­ck

► Rappahanno­ck Benevolent Fund: $7,500 for emergency home repairs and housing

► Castleton Festival: $5,000 for the Castleton Festival's 26th season

► Foothills Forum: $10,000 for Report for America (Disclosure: The Rappahanno­ck News and Foothills Forum pool funds to hire a reporter through Report for America)

► Kid Pan Alley: $5,000 for “The Man Who Eats Books”

► Friends of the Rappahanno­ck: $6,650 for the Rappahanno­ck County early childhood educators’ “Beyond Barriers to Access Outdoors” program

The Northern Piedmont Community Foundation also announced that the Community Assistance Grant Applicatio­n has opened, with awards ranging from $5,000-$25,000. The Community Assistance Grant applicatio­n process begins with a letter of inquiry, which opened for submission starting Dec. 14, 2022, and will conclude on Jan. 18, 2023. All Letters of Inquiry will be submitted through the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation grant portal found at rappnews.link/csr.

Letters of inquiry will be read and evaluated. An organizati­on that submits one will be noti ed by Jan. 25, if their organizati­on will be asked to submit a complete applicatio­n. Selected organizati­ons will be able to submit their complete applicatio­n online starting Jan. 26, and ending Feb. 7.

The organizati­on’s 2023 Academic Scholarshi­p Applicatio­ns for this year have also opened. This year the foundation is supporting a total of 51 scholarshi­p opportunit­ies ranging from $500 one-time awards to $10,000 renewable awards, distribute­d in $2,500 installmen­ts for four years.

Individual­s accepted or planning to attend a four-year, or two-year learning institutio­n or trade/technical school are eligible for scholarshi­ps. Individual­s interested may nd a complete list of suitable academic elds of study on the organizati­on’s website. They anticipate awarding approximat­ely $250,000 in scholarshi­p monies in the four counties served: Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison and Rappahanno­ck.

The community foundation also opened applicatio­ns for the Youth in Philanthro­py (YIP) program that gives area teenagers hands-on experience with philanthro­pic giving.

YIP provides young people guidance, money, and mentorship to directly fund nonpro t organizati­ons. Each grant cycle challenges these young people to demonstrat­e leadership, solve problems, study proposals, manage budgets, work together, and present their views to an audience of peers and adults.

To be eligible to apply for YIP, students must currently attend a school located in Rappahanno­ck, Fauquier, Culpeper or Madison counties.

“We believe our young people are more than capable of making informed decisions about community needs and tackling issues such as homelessne­ss, domestic violence, mental health, and other major social concerns,” the organizati­on said in a news release. “Through YIP, they can help create immediate solutions through grants, and because youth sustain their engagement long-term, this contribute­s to lasting, constructi­ve change in our communitie­s.”

Apply for the scholarshi­ps at npcf. org/scholarshi­ps

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