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A ‘new dawn’ for Rappahanno­ck is here

- By Sheila Gresinger The writer lives in Washington

Sir James Fox gave himself a vigorous shake after a thorough rolling in the dried grasses on a hillside recently in Rappahanno­ck County.

“Ah, that felt so good!” he exclaimed to Lady Daisy Fox who was happily perched on a newly rebuilt rock wall. “I do think,” he continued, “that this new dawn, this new day of this New Year, holds the promise of much hope that I’d feared might not be the path I mentioned two years ago (Hope illuminate­s the big picture, Rapp News, Feb. 25, 2021).”

“Many of our fox cousins, and especially Great Aunt Judith lately,” replied Lady Daisy, “have certainly been actively discussing a lot of what’s been happening here in our beloved county. Great Aunt Judith found hidden passages in a Sperryvill­e shop that enabled her to read past issues of the local newspaper to learn even more than our fox communicat­ions have told us” (Rapp News, Nov. 3, 2022).

Lady Daisy jumped off the rock wall. “You saw how magnificen­t the Christmas celebratio­ns were last month. That felt like a true rebirth and illustrate­d such hope for actual, real beginnings. To reinforce this belief,” she whispered, “guess what Great Aunt Judith just accomplish­ed?”

Looking a bit bewildered, though nodding in acknowledg­ement of Great Aunt Judith’s sometimes crafty ways, Sir James looked expectantl­y at Lady Daisy.

“Well, remember the bumps concerning broadband and negative comments about other progress planned to resolve our needed encouragem­ents, plans and actions to improve job creation and housing/population concerns? Our creative great aunt discovered a passageway in the Courthouse. Too narrow for her, so she trained one of cousin Lady Samantha’s young kits, Jonathan, to wriggle up into the building when meetings were being held and report back to her.

Just last week, during one meeting, there was a lot of positive, forward thinking informatio­n presented that gave her renewed hope that we in the county are experienci­ng a new dawn, a new day. There was still mention of the continuing critical need for more people to be moving here, for a more friendly welcome extended to many newcomers who are coming here, who are actively participat­ing in organizati­ons like the Food Pantry, who are being responsibl­e citizens. There were supportive comments that young Jonathan reported, too.” Lady Daisy explained, “especially about the need for more volunteers to staff fire and rescue services.”

“Has she found any nooks, crannies, passageway­s in the Washington Town Council building,” asked Sir James. “It’s certainly old enough!”

“Not yet,” came her reply. “I guess we’ll have to depend on Great Aunt Judith reading the back issues of the Rappahanno­ck News and letting us know. “There was a huge article about the Town last week, and the new Mayor’s inaugural address will probably be in the newspaper soon, too. There seems to be a grand new feeling of hope & happiness again,” Lady Daisy concluded. Then, together, the pair bounded off in the chilly, windy, sunshiny day to enjoy further adventures and discovery.

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