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At the Inn, a grand welcome for the ‘Humble Bird’

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Jacques Pépin and Patrick O’Connell will share their journeys as American culinary pioneers on Sunday, Jan. 29, with two special events celebratin­g the release of Pépin’s new book, “Art of the Chicken: A Master Chef’s Paintings, Stories, and Recipes of the Humble Bird.”

First, Pépin and O’Connell will take the stage at The Little Washington Theatre for a colorful conversati­on at 11 a.m., followed by a 4-course lunch at The Inn at Little Washington.

Then there will be an intimate cocktail reception and exhibit of Pépin’s art in the Inn’s ballroom at 6 p.m. Following the reception, a dinner at Patty O’s Cafe will feature a 4-course menu inspired by “The Humble Bird.”

Pépin’s book celebrates his lifelong love of chickens — featuring dozens of his paintings, a treasure trove of poignant and o en humorous stories, and it’s sprinkled with recipes throughout. Chicken may not be an extravagan­t ingredient, but for master chef Pepin, it is the one he turns to most frequently — to cook and to paint.

As of Wednesday morning, reservatio­ns for these events were sold out, but to get on the waiting lists, go to exploretoc­k.com/ theinnatli­ttlewashin­gton.

Pépin’s art will also be available for viewing and sale throughout the weekend at the Inn’s Tavern Shops. He will also be signing books. No reservatio­ns are required for the book signings.


Birthday wishes go out to a friend, Linda Clark of Harris Hollow, who will celebrate her special day on Saturday, Jan. 28. Randall Updike will be cutting his cake on Tuesday, Jan. 31.


National Squirrel Appreciati­on Day is Saturday, Jan. 21. I did not know that there was even a day set for the furry little squirrels.

My husband watches for them every day, and sometimes he has counted up to 12 at a time eating outside. I love to watch them from the window.

While watching them, when a predator comes near, the squirrels will use a zig zag pattern to run away. I know it doesn’t alway work. Especially when you are driving a car, sometimes they will double back…and guess what happens then. So be sure to watch out for them when they are crossing the road.

They are fascinatin­g to watch when they bury their food to store it for later when food is scarce, but other squirrels will take it if they nd it.

When I was much younger, I thought when the weather was really cold the furry tails hibernated, until I was told di erently they did not. They usually put on more weight for the long winter months.

So let's celebrate our bushy tailed friends on Jan. 21 by feeding them.

 ?? ?? Renowned chef Jacques Pépin will visit the Inn next weekend to celebrate the release of his latest book, dedicated to the “humble” chicken.
Renowned chef Jacques Pépin will visit the Inn next weekend to celebrate the release of his latest book, dedicated to the “humble” chicken.
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