Rappahannock News

Down Memory Lane

Feb. 16, 1978

- From Back Issues of the Rappahanno­ck News • Compiled by JAN CLATTERBUC­K


A new ambulance has been purchased by the Sperryvill­e Rescue Squad. The vehicle is a 1977 Dodge chassis with a Maxi Van body by Wheeled Coach Corp of Florida and was secured from Hearse and Ambulance sales in Richmond.

The ambulance is modern and fully equipped with an electric blood pressure monitoring device and pulse monitor. It contains piped oxygen supply and has a radio and outside P. A. system. The capacity of the unit is four stretchers. It is orange and white, the new national emergency colors, and is equipped with a 120 volt electrical system.

Purchasing and maintainin­g emergency equipment is costly, and in addition there are always operating expenses. The support of the community and area is necessary to continue efficient service by the rescue squad. All contributi­ons are acceptable and tax deductible.

Squad members are Ian Pryde, Julian Brown, Cecil Baldwin, Donald Gore and Jimmy Lillard.


Now that spring is inevitable, thoughts turn toward planning spring and summer activities. The Rappahanno­ck Recreation Associatio­n is also beginning to take new life again. The group meeting Feb. 9 found the financial situation fairly grim for the Rec Center, which is mildly in the red. All Rappahanno­ck residents are urged to muster their arms and proceed to the battlefron­t to meet the challenge of providing some recreation­al activities in the county.

The Rec Center to date has been widely used. It is located on six acres near Washington on Route 211 and fronts the Rush River. The property was donated by Col. Earl Holmes in 1974 and now contains a pavilion with restroom facilities, electricit­y and picnic tables. Playground equipment has been made available by the local Women’s Club and the Garden Club has enhanced the area with plantings of trees and shrubs. Many individual­s assisted in maintenanc­e.

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