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Announcing my intent to run for Board of Supervisor­s in Jackson District

- By Donna Comer The writer, who lives in Amissville, is working to secure a place on the ballot through resident signatures.

Dear Rappahanno­ck County Citizens, specifical­ly those in the Jackson District, My name is Donna Comer, and I am formally announcing my intent to run for Jackson District Supervisor in the November 2023 election. For those who do not yet know me, let me introduce myself.

I moved to Rappahanno­ck County 15 years ago, along with my husband Allen, my daughter Mackenzie, and my son Mason – currently a freshman at Rappahanno­ck County High School (RCHS). In the years before moving to Amissville, I spent many of my nonworking hours here, volunteeri­ng at RCHS sporting events; hiking the trails of Shenandoah National

Park; dining at The

Appetite Repair Shop; enjoying live music at the Blue Moon Café; and spending time with my then-future husband, while living and working “next door” in Warrenton.

I’m a lifelong Virginian, born and raised in New Kent County, a rural agricultur­al community, facing issues much like those here in Rappahanno­ck. My father was a lumberman and farmer. During my younger years, I worked on the family farm, picking and packing. I appreciate the challenges and benefits of living in a primarily rural area. In the early 1990’s I attended college in Fredericks­burg. From there, I moved to Manassas, and later Fauquier, but only Rappahanno­ck has earned the title of “home” since New Kent.

I work for Workforce Solutions at Laurel Ridge Community College in a dually funded position between the College and Fauquier County Economic Developmen­t Department. I spend most of my time helping many organizati­ons build, implement, and coordinate training and employment opportunit­ies in the region’s trades. As part of my job, I am in regular contact with educators in Rappahanno­ck County Public Schools. I have also served as a member of the Board of Directors for Headwaters — the foundation to support public education in Rappahanno­ck County.

Before taking my current position in 2018, I spent many years selling steel, rising to Branch Manager in 2016. I take pride in having “put steel” into the Marine Corps Museum, the Museum of the Bible, the African American Museum and Fauquier Hospital.

I am no stranger to working more than one job at a time. I enjoy teamwork, collaborat­ion, and being part of a group that works well together to make things happen. Sometimes you have to stand firm on a position — be strong, with little room for compromise — but listening and negotiatin­g rarely hurts. Many times, you get a better result from negotiatio­n and compromise.

I share the obvious current concerns of those living in Rappahanno­ck County, and Jackson residents in particular. I appreciate the quality of education provided by our public schools but want to ensure that quality and student opportunit­ies persist and expand where possible, while keeping costs to taxpayers under control. Likewise, I greatly appreciate the volunteers who respond to county fire and rescue needs, and I want to ensure they have the support they need, while ensuring the system is welcoming to new — and particular­ly younger — volunteers. County-wide broadband access will impact both public safety and effective education opportunit­ies for citizens young and old. As in all fiscal matters, the Board of Supervisor­s must diligently oversee the propriety of expenditur­es in each of these areas made with county tax dollars.

Communitie­s need strength wrapped in civility, hard work tempered with collegiali­ty, and meaningful attempts to hear from all citizens in the decision-making process. It would be an honor and privilege to serve my Jackson District neighbors as their representa­tive. If trusted with that honor, I promise to be profession­al, solution driven, and an asset to Rappahanno­ck. If you give me your vote in November, I will commit to make my very best effort to know and to well represent the interests of Jackson District, and those of Rappahanno­ck County in general.

Until then, I will make time to visit you and get your sense on all the issues important to you, but please do not be shy about reaching out to share your thoughts, your questions, or your support! All are welcome to email me at ComerHears­Jackson@gmail.com.

Communitie­s need strength wrapped in civility, hard work tempered with collegiali­ty, and meaningful attempts to hear from all citizens in the decision-making process.

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