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PRO-LINE BUCKSHOT TIRE Pro-line’s new Buckshot tire has pins that are close to the size of those used on their Hole Shot 2.0 tire. Plus, they are stacked closer to­gether, side to side, which Pro-line says will pro­vide longer-lasting per­for­mance. Another fea­ture of this di­rec­tional tire is its al­ter­nat­ing elon­gated bars, de­signed to pro­vide in­cred­i­ble for­ward grip. The tire fea­tures two dif­fer­ent pat­terns on the left and right sides, which, de­pend­ing on how you mount them, will pro­vide ag­gres­sive grip in the turns when run­ning on a loose track or less grip in the turns for high-grip tracks. The new tread de­sign is avail­able for 1/8-scale bug­gies and trug­gies, with closed cell in­serts pro­vid­ing sup­port. pro­lin­erac­

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