Alu­minum Cen­ter Dif­fer­en­tial


The DBXL-E is equipped with front, cen­ter, and rear dif­fer­en­tials for full-time 4WD. The hard-work­ing cen­ter diff gets an alu­minum hous­ing and steel spur gear. This in­creases dura­bil­ity, and the metal sur­face helps to draw heat away from the assem­bly. Ribs on the alu­minum hous­ing in­crease its sur­face area as well as its cool­ing abil­ity. The cen­ter diff sup­port in­cludes mounts for the op­tional me­chan­i­cal disc brake of­fered by Losi. Long dog­bones con­nect the cen­ter diff to the front and rear dif­fer­en­tials, and the rear-most drive cup is greased and pro­tected by a rub­ber boot. The bevel gears at­tached to the front and rear dif­fer­en­tials and the pin­ion gears used to spin them are made out of steel and fea­ture spi­ral cut teeth for in­creased strength. The rear end uses dog­bones to drive the rear hexes, while uni­ver­sals are used up front. Rub­ber boots are used to keep grease on the hub side of the shafts in and de­bris out.

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