The TSM Fac­tor


To get the truest test of how a mon­ster truck han­dles com­pared to an equally spec’d short-course truck, we tested the Slash and Stam­pede with Traxxas Sta­bil­ity Man­age­ment (TSM) switched off. But nat­u­rally, we were cu­ri­ous how much TSM would nar­row the gap be­tween the trucks. TSM had the great­est im­pact on han­dling when we took the trucks off-road, where the elec­tronic con­trols made it much eas­ier to hold a line. Whether it was loose con­di­tions that might oth­er­wise cause a slide or rough sec­tions that could bounce the trucks in an un­in­tended di­rec­tion, TSM did its thing to keep both trucks track­ing straight even as we got side­ways. TSM wasn’t a fac­tor when it came to jump­ing as far as lev­el­ing the trucks while air­borne, but it was neat to see TSM au­to­mat­i­cally align the front tires with the di­rec­tion of travel if we got the trucks crossed-up in flight. The TSM con­trol is right on the trans­mit­ter, so di­al­ing in the ex­act amount of as­sis­tance for the con­di­tions at hand and your driv­ing style is easy.

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