Get any two RC guys to­gether, and there’s gonna be a drag race. Which truck gets off the line quicker and goes faster? We lined ‘em up and mashed the trig­ger to find out.

SLASH 4X4 Get­ting the Slash up to speed was easy. It spun the tires when the throt­tle was punched but gripped quickly and the power went down to the ground. The truck tracked straight when go­ing from point A to B with lit­tle to no need for cor­rec­tions. Its gear ra­tio of 11.8:1 and smaller tires got it up to a top speed of 31mph with the in­cluded 7-cell bat­tery pack.

STAM­PEDE 4X4 Get­ting the Stam­pede up to speed re­quired a lit­tle fi­nesse; punch­ing the throt­tle re­sulted in a big-time wheelie and that caused the truck to be a lit­tle un­sta­ble. To solve this, the wheelie bar was low­ered to its low­est height set­ting, and in the end made the Stam­pede ac­cel­er­ate out of the hole faster than the Slash thanks to less tire slip. The Stam­pede tracked fairly straight with mi­nor cor­rec­tions needed to keep it in line, but if you get into an over-cor­rec­tion cy­cle you may roll it over. The Stam­pede has lower gear­ing but taller mon­ster truck tires, which gets the fi­nal drive ra­tio to be about the same as the Slash. Top speed for the Stam­pede ended up be­ing 30mph with the in­cluded 7-cell bat­tery pack.

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