Might as well, as Van Halen would say. We launched the Slash and Stam­pede off a va­ri­ety of nat­u­ral and man-made jumps, in­clud­ing plas­tic skate­board ramps.

SLASH 4X4 The Slash jumps well, but the no­to­ri­ous “para­chute ef­fect” cre­ated by air trapped un­der the big body causes the nose of the truck to lift once it leaves the ground. Its smaller tires have less ro­tat­ing mass than the Stam­pede, so in-air cor­rec­tions with the throt­tle and brake aren’t as re­spon­sive. The Slash is also more prone to chas­sis slap. The sus­pen­sion is as ef­fec­tive as the Stam­pede’s, but those smaller tires sim­ply mean the chas­sis is closer to the ground on ev­ery touch­down.

STAM­PEDE 4X4 The Stam­pede loves to jump. The nar­row body doesn’t scoop air, so the truck flies true, and land­ings are as smooth as but­ter. The Stam­pede’s big tires make it more re­spon­sive to mid-air cor­rec­tions with the throt­tle and brake, but ex­treme in­puts can cause the truck to over-ro­tate—easy does it.

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