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Chances are you’ve al­ready heard of “FPV” or first-per­son view, since it’s been a big hit for years with fly guys and es­pe­cially drone pi­lots—the whole drone-rac­ing scene is built around the con­cept of “first-per­son” flight. Of course, there’s noth­ing stop­ping you from strap­ping an FPV sys­tem into a car or truck, and as I dis­cov­ered when re­view­ing the Spek­trum rig here, it’s sur­pris­ingly easy to in­stall the gear and get be­hind a set of gog­gles. Here’s how it went…


Spek­trum tapped pop­u­lar FPV gear maker Fat Shark to de­velop the Fo­cal V2 head­set, and it’s a sturdy but not-heavy-feel­ing unit that in­cludes a 2S 1800mah Lipo for power. A charger is not pro­vided, but the pack’s stan­dard bal­ance plug makes it easy to use an RC bat­tery charger to juice it up. You’ll also need to stick the fab­ric­cov­ered-foam com­fort pad­ding into place and in­stall the mush­room-shaped an­tenna, which sim­ply threads onto a jack in the head­set. The fi­nal step is set­ting the in­ter­pupil­lary dis­tance (IPD)—A fancy term for how far apart your eye­balls are. Just move the slid­ers on the head­set to po­si­tion the tiny screens so that they line up with your eyes—noth­ing to it. I took the ex­tra step of in­stalling the op­tional Diopter Lens Kit, which al­lows near­sighted Mr. Ma­goo types (like me) to see the FPV im­ages clearly. The kit in­cludes three sets of slip-in lenses (–2, –4, and –6), which in­stall in a few sec­onds. I’m very near­sighted, but the –6 lenses sharp­ened ev­ery­thing right up.


As you can see from the shots of the cam­era in­stalled on my Vaterra As­cen­der, the VA2510 doesn’t need a lot of room. It can be ser­votaped into place, but I opted for the se­cu­rity of Spek­trum’s op­tional heavy-duty Cage Mount, which se­cures the cam­era with three screws and pro­vides rollover pro­tec­tion. I mounted the cam­era on top of the roof to take in more of the ter­rain, but the mount can also be used to sus­pend the cam­era within the body to look through the wind-

I in­stalled the cam­era with Spek­trum’s op­tional heavy-duty Cage Mount (SPMVX2510).

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