Solid-axle Setup

I re­cently pur­chased a solid-axle truck. There are a lot of set­tings avail­able for the shocks, but I have no idea what they do.

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Gen­er­ally, there are dif­fer­ent mount­ing po­si­tions avail­able for the top and bot­tom of the shocks on all ve­hi­cles, and they have the same ef­fect no mat­ter what ve­hi­cle they’re on. The more holes you have, the more ad­just­ment you can make when di­al­ing in your truck. Let’s start with the bot­tom of the shock. Some trucks have the shocks mounted di­rectly to the axle, and in that case, you don’t have any room for fine-tun­ing ad­just­ment. You’ll have to make changes to the shock it­self to ad­just the truck. If you have a truck with the shocks mounted to the sus­pen­sion arm, then you can al­ter the feel of the shock by mov­ing it on the arm. Go­ing to­ward the chas­sis al­lows the arm to ap­ply lever­age to the shock and make it feel softer, but you also make it feel stiffer by mov­ing it back to­ward the axle, where less lever­age is ap­plied. So if you’re run­ning on a sur­face that is loose, for ex­am­ple, you’ll want to soften the shock to al­low weight in the chas­sis to trans­fer to the tires and pro­vide more trac­tion. A high-grip sur­face will re­quire a stiffer set­ting (shocks mounted to­ward the axle) to re­duce weight trans­fer and, there­fore, trac­tion. A shock that is set straight up and down is go­ing to have the same feel as the sus­pen­sion is com­pressed, but if you an­gle that shock, it will give it a softer feel at the be­gin­ning of its move­ment. The more you an­gle it, the softer it will feel and for a longer part of the stroke. So if you’re run­ning on a bumpy sur­face, you can an­gle the shocks to soak up the bumps bet­ter, but they will still be able to soak up jumps prop­erly once they are com­pressed. A truck run­ning on a sur­face that’s smooth will ben­e­fit from a shock that is stood up.

By mov­ing the shock in or out on the arm or chang­ing the an­gle will have an ef­fect on how your truck per­forms.

In­de­pen­dent-sus­pen­sion ve­hi­cles have sim­i­lar set­tings, and the the­ory of set­ting up their shocks can be ap­plied to a solid-axle mon­ster truck.

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