Shaft-driven 4WD


The RS4 Sport 3 uses a shaft-driven driv­e­train to get the power to the ground, which is both ef­fi­cient and durable—two de­sir­able traits in an RTR. The en­tire driv­e­train is sealed, so there’s no way for de­bris to get in and foul any­thing up. The top of the chas­sis is molded around the driv­e­train com­po­nents, and a cover on the bot­tom al­lows for ac­cess for any nec­es­sary main­te­nance. The sealed front and rear gear dif­fer­en­tials are con­nected by a long steel shaft, which has bevel gears mounted di­rectly to each end, and the spur gear is also fixed to the shaft through a molded plas­tic mount.

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