One-piece AR44 Axles


Ax­ial sim­pli­fied the AR44 axle de­sign for the Hon­cho. The C-hubs are in­te­grated with the axle tube in­stead of at­tach­ing as sep­a­rate clock­able parts, and the link mounts are also molded in in­stead of be­ing re­place­able. But the sig­na­ture fea­ture of the AR44 de­sign is intact, and that’s the “Hi-pin­ion” hy­poid gear lay­out. Com­pared to the old AX10 axles of the orig­i­nal SCX10, the new setup of­fers greater ground clear­ance and re­duced torque twist thanks to the 3.75:1 axle ra­tio, which is sig­nif­i­cantly less tall than the old 2.92:1 gears. If you open up an axle (or just check out the ex­ploded views in the man­ual), you’ll also see that the ring gear is a one-piece “spool,” rather than a sep­a­rate gear that bolts to a hub.

The trussed, one-piece axle hous­ings look good and re­duce parts count.

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