New-look Trans­mis­sion


The Hon­cho’s trans­mis­sion gets the same 3-gear in­ter­nals as the other SCX10 II mod­els, but the gear­box is new and in­cor­po­rates the mo­tor mount in­stead of us­ing a sep­a­rate alu­minum plate. The gear­box is molded in a sil­ver-gray plas­tic that’s a ringer for cast alu­minum, and the ribbed de­sign fur­ther en­hances the il­lu­sion of metal. There’s a dual-pad slip­per clutch in there like the Jeep-body SCX10 IIS, but there’s no ac­cess port for the ad­just­ing nut—the en­tire gear cover has to come off. Con­fes­sion: I wasn’t go­ing to ad­just it any­way.

Sure looks like alu­minum, doesn’t it? Fooled ya.

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