Max­amps 8000mah 7.4V Dual Core Lipo


Con­sider this to be the “run for­ever” op­tion for the Hon­cho. Max­amp’s “Dual Core” construction uses pairs of 4000mah cells in par­al­lel to boost ca­pac­ity to 8000mah, which will let you go for, uh, a re­ally long time on a charge. I still haven’t hit the low-volt­age cut­off yet, even af­ter three hours of trail ac­tion.

The pack is a lit­tle fat­ter than a typ­i­cal 2S Lipo, but it still fits eas­ily in the Hon­cho’s bat­tery tray. And Max­amp’s build is top-notch, with fat, flex­i­ble wire and a gen­uine Deans plug.

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