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If you’re a reg­u­lar RC Car Ac­tion reader, you al­ready know we’re pretty big fans of the TRX-4. It’s won a shootout, been on the cover three times, and was our 2017 Truck of the Year. And so it’s prob­a­bly not a spoiler to cut right to it and say we’re also big fans of the Bronco—in fact, let’s go ahead and call it our fa­vorite of the TRX-4 styles. And the key word there is “style”—we just love that Bronco look, es­pe­cially with Sun­set stripes. The look also scores per­for­mance points by shed­ding a bunch of rear-hung weight com­pared to the spare-tire-equipped Land Rover and Tac­ti­cal ver­sions, and the shorter wheel­base that ac­com­pa­nies the Bronco body tight­ens up the turn­ing ra­dius. Will you no­tice un­der light-duty, scale-ter­rain con­di­tions?

Nah. But when the go­ing re­ally gets gnarly, the Bronco gains an edge when those last grams of weight trans­fer and mil­lime­ters of clear­ance in tight spots make the dif­fer­ence be­tween clear­ing a sec­tion and get­ting stuck or rolling over. When the trail calls for less than 100 per­cent of what the Bronco can de­liver, it drives like the other TRX-4S. With the diffs locked and the trans­mis­sion in Low, you’ll find the Bronco is an ex­cel­lent trail per­former that can go head to head with any­thing on the trail—we’ve found it even com­pares fa­vor­ably with heav­ily breathed-on 1.9-inch rigs. A big part of that are the high-rise por­tal axles, which sig­nif­i­cantly raise ground clear­ance to keep the Bronco cruis­ing over ob­sta­cles in­stead of mash­ing its diff cover into them. What re­ally puts the TRX-4 over the top is when you ex­ploit the T-lock diffs and High/low. Be­ing able to re­motely lock and un­lock the dif­fer­en­tials and shift into High are party tricks other trucks just can’t do, and they come in handy for tighter turn­ing and a quicker trip when you need ex­tra wheel speed or a few more mph. And don’t for­get Cruise Con­trol; be­ing able to hold throttle po­si­tion with­out cramp­ing up your trig­ger fin­ger is a nice plus when hik­ing with the TRX-4. Now, if I could also thumb-steer with the TQI trans­mit­ter, that would re­ally make it the ideal long-haul setup. But like the Ax­ial Trail Hon­cho I also tested in this is­sue, the wheel is just a lit­tle too far from the grip for the av­er­age thumb to reach. It looks like I found my one thing for the “Mi­nus” col­umn.

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