STEP 6 Prep the Fend­ers and Hood

RC Car Action - - HOW TO -

You can paint the black for the trim and on the in­side of the body, but that’s more work and those sec­tions will have a shiny fin­ish that’s not scale. To make things eas­ier and more scale, paint those de­tails on the out­side of the body by us­ing the over­spray film as your mask. Us­ing a sharp hobby-knife blade, cut the over­spray film along the cor­ners where the fend­ers meet the body; you can con­nect them by paint­ing the bot­tom of the body the same color. On my body, I wanted to have black on the raised sec­tion of the hood to en­hance its look, so while I was cut­ting the over­spray film for the fend­ers and sides, I took the time to take care of the hood. The hood has a raised por­tion along the sides and back that guide your knife along, but the front doesn’t. You can solve that prob­lem by ap­ply­ing a strip of tape along the edge that you want to cut and use that as an edge to run your knife along. Use just enough pres­sure to get the knife through the over­spray film, then care­fully re­move the film in the ar­eas where the black is be­ing ap­plied. For fun, I ap­plied a Jeep mask on the ex­posed Lexan of my hood to give my body a lit­tle ex­tra some­thing.

If you don’t have a hard edge to run your knife along, ap­ply a strip of tape and use that as a guide.

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