Pre­vent­ing Ping

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De­t­o­na­tion, also known as “ping­ing,” can be a prob­lem in any in­ter­nal-com­bus­tion en­gine. De­t­o­na­tion oc­curs when the fuel-air mix­ture ig­nites as soon as it en­ters the com­bus­tion cham­ber in­stead of at the proper mo­ment in the com­bus­tion cy­cle. De­t­o­na­tion is re­vealed by a loud ping­ing sound—hence, the term “ping.” De­t­o­na­tion/ ping­ing is usu­ally caused by too much com­pres­sion or by us­ing glow plugs that are too hot. If left unchecked, ping­ing can cause pit­ting of the pis­ton and sleeve, and it com­pro­mises per­for­mance. To stop ping­ing, use a cooler plug or in­stall a 0.002-inch (two-thou­sandths-inch) shim be­tween the heat-sink head and case to re­duce com­pres­sion.

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