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Carisma re­cently an­nounced that the SCA-1 Coy­ote is now avail­able in kit form, which al­lows users to build it them­selves.

Like other com­pa­nies that have gone from RTR to kit, Carisma threw some good­ies in the box and that in­cludes a winch-ready bumper, high-grip tires, bead-lock wheels, and an LED kit.

The truck has all the stan­dard scaler fea­tures, such as a linked sus­pen­sion, scale steel chas­sis, coil-over shocks, and a slip­per clutch. Since it’s a kit, you have to pick up the electronics and, once the build is done, give the body the paint job of your choice. caris­mas­calead­ven­

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