With my 2S bat­tery in­stalled and the bat­tery door bat­tle out of the way, I made my way out to my drive­way and mashed the throt­tle. Wheel­ies are ex­pected on 3S, but I was sur­prised when the pow­er­ful brush­less sys­tem lofted the wheels on 2S. This truck rips! The tires are made out of a fairly firm com­pound, so the tires were able to slide slightly on the pave­ment, which soft­ened the blow of the mo­tor slightly. The tires also pro­vide just the right amount of grip when turn­ing. You can slide it in the turns, but when you get a lit­tle too ag­gres­sive, the 22S will tip; still, it’s pretty easy to catch and re­act be­fore it ends up on its lid. While on the pave­ment, I also took the time to mess with the throt­tle-lim­it­ing switch. At 75%, the truck feels like it has a mild mod­i­fied mo­tor and is still able to lift the front end slightly; at 50%, it feels like it has a 17.5 stocker in it. Af­ter mov­ing the switch back to full throt­tle, I turned down ac­tive ve­hi­cle con­trol (AVC) and hit the dirt.


The tires pro­vided plenty of grip to get the truck go­ing, but with AVC off, the rear end wants to step out of­ten. With AVC turned up, it’s much eas­ier to drive in a straight line. The sus­pen­sion on the 22S is pretty stiff, but that stiff­ness caused the truck to be a lit­tle bouncier than other short-course trucks that I have driven. The good news is that the 22S doesn’t get tripped up too bad by it, and the firm springs give the truck more bot­tom-out re­sis­tance when go­ing for big air. Erring on the firm side was a smart choice.


Losi claims over 50mph with a 3S Lipo on­board, so I dropped one in and went to town. Wheel­ies on pave­ment are ex­plo­sive, and turns are a lot more of a hand­ful with max­i­mum Lipo power. The rear end steps out a lot more in the dirt, and AVC isn’t able to do much to help with that be­cause the front tires are barely touch­ing the ground when power is be­ing ap­plied. Full 3S power is the most fun for straight-line speed runs; for all-around driv­ing, it’s fre­quently too much power. You’ll need a light touch on the trig­ger—or just click the throt­tle lim­iter to a set­ting that lets you mash it.

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