Apex the Turns and “Shorten” the Track


Now that you’re mak­ing crash-free laps be­cause “slow is fast,” you can trim more tenths off your lap times with bet­ter line choices. The best lines main­tain the car’s mo­men­tum, so you brake less and scrub less speed in the turns. The clas­sic ma­neu­ver is called “apex­ing.” Note in the il­lus­tra­tion how the seem­ingly sharp turn is made wider by en­ter­ing and ex­it­ing “wide.” You’ll also find that apex­ing from turn to turn re­quires less se­vere steer­ing in­puts, which straight­ens the track; in some cases, you may be able to pass through linked turns and barely have to turn at all.

Nail the apex in ev­ery turn on the track and you will be re­warded with dra­mat­i­cally faster lap times.

Left: You aren’t likely to get this lucky on a real track, but the prin­ci­ple is the same: straight lines are shorter than curved ones. “Short­en­ing” the track by us­ing min­i­mum steer­ing re­duces lap times.

Right: Un­less traf­fic pre­vents it, “apex” the turns and use all of the track to main­tain speed.

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