I’ve built a few Te­kno kits in the past, and they’re al­ways easy and a joy to put to­gether. The EB410 was the same. All the parts are bagged and la­beled ac­cord­ingly, and they cor­re­spond to the well-il­lus­trated in­struc­tion man­ual. No need to take my word for it—fol­low the build on Rc­car­ac­tion. com. For test­ing, I headed to SDRC Race­way in Mi­ra­mar, Cal­i­for­nia, and chose Pro-line Positron and In­ver­sions, both in clay com­pound, for my test tires. I was at SDRC on the first day of a new lay­out, so the track was still pretty green, with trac­tion lev­els still com­ing up. Us­ing the man­ual’s stock sus­pen­sion set­tings, I set the ride height at 20mm front and rear, nega­tive 1.5 de­grees of cam­ber on all four cor­ners, and pos­i­tive 1 de­gree of front toe-out, and I mounted the new Positron tires sauced with Liq­uid Wrench. The first run on the track im­me­di­ately re­vealed a cou­ple of things about the EB410. It can carry cor­ner speed re­ally well, and it jumps eas­ily, quickly go­ing to a level at­ti­tude while in the air. Over­all, the EB410 felt solid dur­ing a full run, and com­ing from a 2WD buggy that I ran be­fore, I for­got how ef­fi­ciently 4WD bug­gies put the power to the ground, with the EB410 be­ing no ex­cep­tion. The driv­e­train did a good job of mak­ing the most of the Tekin 13.5-turn brush­less mo­tor in a class where ev­ery ounce of power is pre­cious. Un­der full tilt, the EB410 tracked straight and true, with al­most no wheel-spin ac­cel­er­a­tion, to its top speed quickly. The sus­pen­sion re­sponded pre­dictably and did a good job of giv­ing me im­me­di­ate feed­back, al­low­ing me to do any corrections at the wheel. The sus­pen­sion also did a good job of soak­ing up any bad land­ings when I over­cleared the down­side of a jump, never smack­ing the chas­sis on the ground. As the tires broke in and trac­tion came up, the EB410 only got bet­ter. The diff oils that come with the kit are great to get you started and will work well in looser con­di­tions, but when the trac­tion is higher, the wheels on the in­side of a turn “diffed” out un­der hard cor­ner­ing. Be­fore the next run, I went with thicker 25k-weight oil in the front and cen­ter diffs, leav­ing stock 7k-weight oil in the rear diff. Back on the track, the EB410 ac­cel­er­ated bet­ter com­ing out of turns and, when brak­ing late com­ing into a turn, was rock solid.

Oil-filled front, cen­ter, and rear gear dif­fer­en­tials En­closed sus­pen­sion arms Re­v­erse­bell­crank steer­ing sys­tem Alu­minum thread­ed­body shocks Slid­ing alu­minum mo­tor mount Shorty-only bat­tery bay Shaft-driven 4WD 3mm milleda­lu­minum chas­sis Weight-for­ward chas­sis de­signHighly ad­justable sus­pen­sionRace-ready out of the box Wheels not in­cluded + + + + -

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