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Most bear­ings come packed with grease to lu­bri­cate them, and the thick­ness of the grease slows down the bear­ings. Spray out the grease us­ing some mo­tor spray and a bear­ing-cleaner tool, like the one of­fered by RPM. Roll the bear­ing to move around any re­main­ing grease, and give them an­other round of clean­ing. Let the bear­ings dry for a few min­utes, then ap­ply a few drops of thin oil (which is avail­able from com­pa­nies like Dy­na­mite) in var­i­ous spots on the bear­ing’s shield and let it soak in.

Clean out the grease in your bear­ings us­ing some mo­tor spray and a tool like this Bear­ing Blaster from RPM.

Two drops of oil are all you need in your bear­ings.

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