Try Go­ing Wing­less

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Do you re­ally need that rear wing? If you’re run­ning on a track that has long high-flow sec­tions, your wing will pro­vide some down­force and give you ex­tra trac­tion. What hap­pens when you run on a smaller track with short cor­ner-to-cor­ner sec­tions? Yes, the wing is still go­ing to pro­vide some down­force, but in this case, it may not be pro­vid­ing ex­tra trac­tion. Re­move the rear (and front if you’re run­ning one) and see if your ve­hi­cle still gets around the track with no is­sues. Not hav­ing a wing will re­duce over­all weight, lower your ve­hi­cle’s cen­ter of grav­ity, and re­duce drag, which, in the end, can make it faster.

Take the wing off your ve­hi­cle and see if it han­dles as well as it did with it on. If the per­for­mance of your ve­hi­cle doesn’t change, then run with­out it to save weight and re­duce wind re­sis­tance.

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