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I un­plugged my speed con­trol from the re­ceiver and mo­tor and I don’t know how they go back in. The mo­tor wires have col­ors on them but the speed con­trol wires don’t. Help!

We’ll as­sume you lost the man­ual, which is the first place to look for the an­swer. For the re­ceiver, there are a few ways to tell which way the plug goes. First, let’s get it into the right port: the speed con­trol be­longs in the “chan­nel 2” open­ing. Next, let’s ori­ent the plug the right way. If the plug has a fin on one side, it only goes in one way — prob­lem solved. If the plug doesn’t have a fin, just look at the wires and in­stall the plug so the white wire is next to the slot in the re­ceiver where the plug’s fin would go, if it had one.

As for the mo­tor wires, just plug them in and power up your car. If the mo­tor runs in re­verse in­stead of for­ward, all you need to do is switch the po­si­tions of any two of the wires.

Re­ceiver plugs are al­ways in­stalled so the white wire faces the slot in the re­ceiver’s plug open­ing.

Which wire? If the mo­tor runs in re­verse, just switch two of the wires.

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