Shaft-driven 4WD


Tamiya has been a pro­po­nent of shaft drive for as long as it’s been build­ing 4WD mod­els, and the MF-01X’S sys­tem is yet an­other ro­bust shaft sys­tem for the brand. An ex­tremely stout 8mm steel shaft joins the front and rear gear­boxes, each equipped with wide plas­tic gears. The front and rear gear dif­fer­en­tials and their 3-gear, cast-al­loy in­ter­nals have seen duty on count­less Tamiya mod­els and should last ba­si­cally for­ever. The driv­e­train can cer­tainly han­dle way more power. The one rec­om­mended up­grade is a set of ball bear­ings, and it’s best to get them be­fore you build the car since the chas­sis seals ev­ery­thing up once the car is as­sem­bled.

Above: Tamiya’s time-tested gear dif­fer­en­tials are far stronger than the Beetle will ever need them to be. Be­low: Bevel gears con­nect the drive­shaft to the front and rear gear­boxes.

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