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Any­time you add lights to an RC ve­hi­cle, it kicks the scale re­al­ism up a few notches. It’s not some­thing I do of­ten be­cause I’m not a fan of deal­ing with the wires and so on, but I re­ally wanted to have lights on this build. The Pro-line LED bar on the roof was a pretty straight­for­ward deal, but adding the head­lights took a lit­tle thought.

Left: In­stalling the Pro-lineLED bar is pretty sim­ple. While the body was clear, I held the bar in place, marked where the holes needed to be from the in­side, and reamed the holes. The wire that sup­plies the power has to be run into the body, so I made that hole un­der the bar so that it would be hid­den once it was in place.

Right: When I painted my Pro-line ’66 Chevy body, I masked off the head­light ar­eas so that I could put in some light buck­ets and LEDS and have the light shine through. I had to come up with some­thing to use as a light bucket, and I ended up us­ing some old Pro-line off-road lights that I had. With a slight mod­i­fi­ca­tion, they were per­fect for the job.

Left: I drilled a 1/8-inch starter hole in the back of the light bucket and reamed it un­til the open­ing was just large enough for a 5mm LED.

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