RC Car Action - - HOW TO -

The best way to make sure you get the right re­place­ment part is to look up its part num­ber. Ev­ery RC car on the planet comes with an ex­ploded view and parts list, so you can eas­ily iden­tify ev­ery part of your model. You to­tally saved all the pa­per­work that came with your car, so all you have to do now is go re­trieve them from that sen­si­ble place you stored them. In the su­per-rare, al­most-un­heard-of event that you lost or tossed that stuff, good news: It’s all on­line. Go to the man­u­fac­turer’s web­site, find your model, then look for a Sup­port or Man­u­als but­ton. Or just search “[brand] [model] parts list” and you should find what you need. This is faster and 100 per­cent more likely to get you the cor­rect re­sult com­pared to shoot­ing a crappy pic with your phone and post­ing it to Face­book with “What num­ber arm for this?”

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