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Un­less you’ve been liv­ing un­der a rock, you know that the scale scene is dom­i­nat­ing right now. There are lots of scale ve­hi­cles avail­able, and peo­ple are mak­ing and adding parts to make them more scale. One of the lat­est trends in the world of scale RC are garages that are used to dis­play ve­hi­cles, and they make for great back­grounds for photos. When it started, you had to make all your own ac­ces­sories, such as benches, lifts, jacks, and any­thing else you find in a garage. RC4WD pays at­ten­tion to these trends, and it has all kinds of ac­ces­sories that you can buy and add to your scale garage—and they ac­tu­ally work! The lat­est scale ac­ces­sory is a mind blower and when we posted a video of it on our Face­book page it blew up. What is it? It’s a scale Bendpak XPR-9S two-post auto lift, which will ac­tu­ally lift your scale ve­hi­cle up into the air. How cool is that? Check this thing out.


The ma­jor­ity of the lift con­sists of metal parts, and the ma­jor com­po­nents are made out of alu­minum and are screwed to­gether. The parts are pow­der-coated to give them a scale look that’s tougher than paint. Just like the real lift, the arms move in and out and tele­scope to fit a va­ri­ety of ve­hi­cles; they even in­clude the pull han­dles and pads. Two small elec­tric mo­tors in the tow­ers are at­tached to mini gear­boxes and jack screws to do the lift­ing, and mi­cro switches shut the power off when the lift reaches its max­i­mum or min­i­mum height. Power comes from an in­cluded stick-style 1400mah NIMH recharge­able bat­tery, which is con­tained (along with a lot of wires) in the base of the lift. The pack is ac­cessed by re­mov­ing the top cover on the base. You power up the lift by hit­ting a push

but­ton on the side, which lights up the Up and Down but­tons above it to let you know that the lift is pow­ered up. The Up and Down but­tons are also push-style units: Push to move the lift, and re­move your fin­ger to stop it. RC4WD also throws in a few scale ac­ces­sories and a de­tailed sticker sheet to com­plete the unit. Ac­cord­ing to RC4WD, the Bendpak lift is strong and pow­er­ful enough to lift up to 22 pounds. Im­pres­sive!


The RC4WD Bendpak lift comes in an at­trac­tive box with nice foam pack­ag­ing that pro­tects the parts. There isn’t ac­tu­ally much to as­sem­ble. The in­struc­tions con­sist of just four steps to get you from parts to com­plete unit. The push but­ton used to turn on the lift takes some pretty good pres­sure to en­gage it, but it’s not so much that you move the lift while do­ing it. I pushed the Up but­ton and both mo­tors hummed to life at the same time and moved the arms up; it’s not su­per-fast and on par with the speed of a full-size lift. Once you take your fin­ger off the but­ton, the lift keeps mov­ing and gets about a quar­ter of an inch along the posts be­fore it stops. I ran the lift all the way down, and once it hit the mi­cro switch, it shut off like it should. I tested the lift with my RC4WD Blazer, which fit be­tween the posts with no prob­lem and eas­ily made it up and over the base. I stopped the truck and moved the arms in place to get it set up for the chas­sis, but I wasn’t able to do it. The Blazer cov­ered the arms and my view of the chas­sis so that I wasn’t able to get it lined up. I ended up rais­ing the lift so that I could see the arms more eas­ily and move them into place. I low­ered the arms and lifted the truck, and this time the rock slid­ers hit the arms be­fore they could touch the chas­sis. That was fine with me be­cause that means that it doesn’t mat­ter where I put the arms and that I can drive the truck onto the lift, move the arms in, and put the truck in the air. It would be nice if RC4WD in­cluded taller feet for sit­u­a­tions when some­thing like a rock slider hit the arms be­fore the chas­sis.


There’s no doubt that this is the ul­ti­mate scale ac­ces­sory, and it’s go­ing to be a must-have for those who have a scale garage. It’s even a great piece to have just to dis­play a ve­hi­cle (even if you don’t have a scale garage). I’m glad that this is in my col­lec­tion, and I will be dis­play­ing some of my fa­vorite builds on it. The lift was easy to as­sem­ble and lifted my truck with no prob­lem, but it was hard to line up the arms and a lit­tle bit of a bum­mer when they hit the rock slid­ers.— Kevin Het­man­ski

The en­tire Bendpak lift is made out of metal parts for strength.

The arms swing in and out, and ex­pand to fit var­i­ous chas­sis con­fig­u­ra­tions.

The lift has plenty of power to lift any scale truck in your col­lec­tion.

Two small mo­tors and screw drives are used to move the lift up and down.

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