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Will a Lipo bat­tery give my car more run time than a NIMH bat­tery?

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A bat­tery’s run time in your car is de­ter­mined by its ca­pac­ity, not its chem­istry. Most of the time, the big­gest num­ber printed on a bat­tery is its ca­pac­ity: “5000,” “6500,” etc. Look closely and you’ll usu­ally see “mah” af­ter the num­ber, which stands for “mil­liamp hours.” The big­ger the num­ber, the greater the ca­pac­ity of the bat­tery, and the longer your car will run. If you’ve got a 2000mah Lipo and a 4000mah NIMH, your car will run longer on the NIMH bat­tery—it has more ca­pac­ity, which is like hav­ing a big­ger fuel tank. “But what if I have a Lipo and NIMH bat­tery with the same ca­pac­ity,” you ask? They may tech­ni­cally run the same amount of time, but the fi­nal few min­utes of a NIMH pack’s run time—where the car runs slower and slower— isn’t ex­actly qual­ity drive time. A Lipo pack, on the other hand, stays fast and punchy un­til the speed con­trol’s low-voltage de­tec­tion kicks in. If the Lipo pack and NIMH pack both give you 15 min­utes of run time, the Lipo will be a full 15 min­utes of fun, while the NIMH will be more like 10 min­utes of good drive time, then five min­utes of ever-slower driv­ing around.

Even if a NIMH and Lipo bat­tery have the same ca­pac­ity, the Lipo will feel like it de­liv­ers more run time be­cause its out­put stays strong through­out the run.

The big num­ber on most bat­ter­ies is its ca­pac­ity in mil­liamps.

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