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I re­ally like the look of a spare tire, but with it comes a lot of weight, and that weight is up high, which makes for a tippy ride. To do the job right, I would have to use an alu­minum bead-lock wheel and the same tire to match the oth­ers. Or I could use a plas­tic bead-lock wheel to re­duce weight and ask for for­give­ness when peo­ple see that the spare wheel doesn’t match the other four. And that plas­tic wheel still would have a lot of screws and fairly heavy bead locks. In­stead, I de­cided to de­sign a light­weight 3D-printed wheel that looks like the alu­minum wheels. At some comps, you have to do a tire swap and con­tinue on the trail, so the wheel does need to be func­tional. I de­signed it to ac­cept an alu­minum hex so that I don’t have to worry about strip­ping the wheel, I glued on the tire with­out the foam in­sert to re­duce weight even more, and I didn’t put vent holes in the wheel or tire to keep the air in­side and sup­port the tire. It’s not an ideal setup for ma­jor rock crawl­ing, but it will get me down the trail within the rules.

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