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I have a Traxxas id charger. I in­her­ited some Li­pos with “univer­sal” con­nec­tors. Can I use them with my id charger? They plug in fine.

Univer­sal con­nec­tors and adapters will al­low non-traxxas bat­ter­ies to plug into a Traxxas id charger, but the id bat­tery-iden­ti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem will not be able to de­ter­mine whether the pack is a NIMH or Lipo, its ca­pac­ity, or its volt­age. If you have an Ez-peak Live charger, you must use the Ez-peak Live app to spec­ify the pack is a Lipo and in­put the cell count, ca­pac­ity, and charge rate be­fore the charger will al­low you to charge a non-id pack. For the Ez-peak id and Dual id charg­ers with­out Blue­tooth, you must press and hold the Start/stop and Charge Rate but­tons to­gether to en­ter Ad­vanced mode, which will let you se­lect NIMH or Lipo and set the charge rate. These safe­guards go a long way to pre­vent­ing mix-ups, but it’s still your re­spon­si­bil­ity to make sure you choose the right set­tings, par­tic­u­larly the bat­tery type. AL­WAYS dou­ble-check to be sure the cor­rect charge mode is se­lected, es­pe­cially when charg­ing a Lipo.

An im­por­tant safeguard built into the phys­i­cal de­sign of the lat­est Traxxas con­nec­tors is NOT present with univer­sal or “Traxxas com­pat­i­ble” con­nec­tors. If you try to plug a Traxxas id Lipo into a Traxxas Nimh-only charger, the con­nec­tor will not fit. Charg­ing a Lipo pack with a NIMH charger (or the NIMH mode of a mul­tiuse charger) will, at the very least, ruin the bat­tery. If left to con­tinue charg­ing more than a few min­utes as a NIMH, a Lipo will catch fire. That’s why we (and all bat­tery mak­ers) al­ways say:

Traxxas id charg­ers can charge non-id bat­ter­ies, but you’ll need to pro­gram the set­tings your­self.

AL­WAYS con­firm bat­tery type be­fore charg­ing. To pre­vent mix-ups, Traxxas id Lipo packs have a unique con­nec­tor that will not fit into Traxxas Nimhonly charg­ers.

NEVER leave a bat­tery unat­tended while charg­ing.NEVER charge a Lipo bat­tery us­ing a NIMH charger or charge mode.

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