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Can I make my car faster by us­ing a dif­fer­ent bat­tery?

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Yes, ab­so­lutely—that’s the old­est speed-boost­ing trick in the book. What we’re re­ally talk­ing about is us­ing a bat­tery with more volt­age, and the way to we get more volt­age is by adding cells. Most ready-to-run cars in­clude a NIMH packs with 6 cells. Each cell de­liv­ers 1.2 volts, and the 6 cells to­gether pro­vide 7.2 volts. Let’s say you’re get­ting 30mph us­ing that 6-cell NIMH bat­tery. Mov­ing up to a 7-cell bat­tery boosts volt­age to 8.4 volts, and you can ex­pect speed to bump up to about 35mph. If your car can hold an 8-cell bat­tery with 9.6 volts, that should get you close to 40mph. If we’re talk­ing Lipo bat­ter­ies, fewer cells are needed for sim­i­lar volt­ages. If a 2-cell (“2S”), 7.4-volt Lipo bat­tery gets you 30mph, a 3-cell (“3S”) pack will bump volt­age to

11.1 volts and should de­liver 40mph (ac­tual speeds in the real world will vary, of course). But there’s a catch to all this: You need to make sure your car’s speed con­trol is rated for the higher-volt­age bat­tery you plan to use. So check those specs!

You can’t count cells as eas­ily with Lipo packs, but all the info is on the la­bel. Traxxas makes it ex­tra easy to iden­tify 2-cell and 3-cell packs. Traxxas 2S packs are blue, while packs with 3 or more cells are red.

The clear wrap on this Max­amps pack makes it easy to see the 7 in­di­vid­ual NIMH cells.

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