Axle Mods

RC Car Action - - PROJECT -

I re­placed the stan­dard plas­tic axle hous­ings with Van­quish Prod­ucts’ Cur­rie F9 axle hous­ings and hard­ware. I re­ally like the look of these axles! The cen­ter axle had to re­main plas­tic so that I could cre­ate the pass-through re­quired for a 6X6 cen­ter axle. All that’s re­quired for that is two out­put halves of the stan­dard plas­tic axle hous­ing and a sec­ond out­put pin­ion. An­other ben­e­fit of the Cur­rie-axle up­grade is that the fi­nal drive axle can be flipped—nec­es­sary so that they all spin the same di­rec­tion!

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