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My ni­tro en­gine starts up in­stantly but won’t stay run­ning. It runs great but dies after about a minute, starts back up eas­ily, then dies again. What’s the prob­lem?

There’s a 99 per­cent chance the prob­lem is a tired glow plug. When the glow ig­niter is clipped to it

(or your elec­tric starter is pump­ing juice to it), the glow plug gets good and hot and the en­gine starts and runs eas­ily. But as you drive, the glow plug isn’t main­tain­ing enough heat to keep the en­gine run­ning, so it dies. If you’re us­ing a clip-on glow ig­niter, you can test this by run­ning the en­gine with the glow-ig­niter clipped on. If the stalling is­sue dis­ap­pears, then a bad plug is def­i­nitely the prob­lem. Re­place the plug and you should be back in busi­ness.

The other sce­nario that can cause your stalling prob­lem is run­ning the en­gine too rich, which loads the en­gine with more fuel than it can com­bust, caus­ing it to stall. If bog­ging, low RPM, and slow ac­cel­er­a­tion had been men­tioned, a too-rich nee­dle set­ting would have been the first thing to check. But if the symp­tom is “starts great, runs great, dies,” you can bet it’s the glow plug.

A fresh plug should cure any “starts easy, dies quickly” en­gine trou­ble.

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