Lose the Pan­hard Bars

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The MC’S 5-link sus­pen­sion is a big im­prove­ment over the 2-link setup of the past, but it’s more com­plex than it needs to be be­cause the par­al­lel links don’t keep the axles cen­tered un­der the chas­sis. To do that job, the MC gets a Pan­hard bar on each axle. To sim­plify the sus­pen­sion, I re­moved the Pan­hard bars and tri­an­gu­lated a pair of links for each axle. To do this, I swapped the front axle’s sus­pen­sion mounts and at­tached the up­per links to the out­side of the mounts, and tri­an­gu­lated the lower links to keep the axle from mov­ing side to side. A few 1/4-inch spac­ers be­tween the link and chas­sis and the link and axle mount were all that I needed. On the rear end, I sim­ply tri­an­gu­lated the lower links. A nice thing about the front sus­pen­sion mod is that it tucks in the links and pro­vides more steer­ing clear­ance for the front tires. The one down­side to this mod is that you can’t use the op­tional Kyosho sway­bars to keep the chas­sis flat un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion be­cause the links and sway­bar rods in­ter­fere with each other.

See that bar go­ing across the front of the Mad Crusher? That’s a Pan­hard bar, and it’s there to keep the axle from mov­ing from side to side.

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