RC Car Action - - HOW TO -

The parts for the blower assem­bly come at­tached to a piece of sprue, and you need to cut them loose. Make sure you cut the sprue as close to the part as pos­si­ble. If you don’t, the parts will have small tabs stick­ing off them that can catch things, like a rag when you wipe your ve­hi­cle off, and they don’t look re­al­is­tic. When you cut off the chrome parts, you’ll ex­pose the black plas­tic be­low the chrome it­self and that will have to be touched up. A sil­ver marker is all you need to get the job done. Just touch the tip to the spot and the black will be hid­den.

A dab of a sil­ver marker is all you need to hide the black plas­tic in the ar­eas where you cut the parts off the sprue.

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