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The chrome plat­ing on the blower assem­bly looks great, but there are some builds where a dull fin­ish will look bet­ter. You can give the blower assem­bly a great brushed alu­minum look by giv­ing it a few coats of flat clear. You can place the blower assem­bly on a piece of card­board or on an­other sur­face that you don’t mind get­ting paint on and paint it there. The prob­lem with that ap­proach is that you won’t be able to get the flat coat on the bot­tom of the assem­bly. Try this in­stead: Re­move one of the screws from the bot­tom of the blower and insert a wood skewer into the hole. You can then use it to hold the assem­bly while you paint all ar­eas of the blower assem­bly. Try to use an enamel-based clear, such as Du­pli-color’s Crys­tal Clear Flat Acrylic Enamel, be­cause it will be less likely to af­fect the other col­ors that you add to the assem­bly. Ap­ply­ing a few mist coats should do the trick.

Flat clear gives the chrome a brushed alu­minum look.

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