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Once your col­ors and flat coat have been ap­plied, you can add a black wash to give the blower assem­bly some depth and a grungy look. A black wash is black paint that has been thinned to a wa­tery con­sis­tency. A brush is used to ap­ply the overly thinned paint over a part in small amounts. Start your black wash with 10 parts thin­ner and 1 part paint. Ap­ply it to a test part to see if you like the fin­ish. If it comes out too black, then add more thin­ner. If it’s too thin, just ap­ply a few coats un­til you get the look you’re go­ing for. You can also pick up a black wash at your lo­cal hobby shop if you don’t feel like mak­ing it. When you ap­ply the wash, the paint will pool up in the var­i­ous de­tails in the part giv­ing it a more re­al­is­tic look. This only works if you have ap­plied a flat coat to the parts be­cause it doesn’t stick to the glossy chrome sur­face that the blower assem­bly comes with.

Here’s a great view of what I started with (left) and the fin­ished prod­uct (right). I’m pretty happy with the re­sults.

Want a grungy look? Add black wash over flat clear.

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