Metal-gear Driv­e­train


With the ex­cep­tion of the spur gear, which is pro­tected by a dual-pad slip­per clutch, all the BOM’S gears are metal. Also metal: the Cv-style joints on the tele­scop­ing plas­tic cen­ter shafts, so the BOM’S driv­e­train should prove rugged. The trans­mis­sion de­sign is unique; the lower skid­plate is ac­tu­ally part of the gear­box, and dual out­put gears po­si­tion the cen­ter shafts nearly par­al­lel with the chas­sis rails, so the CV joints don’t have to work as hard. Also clever: The front and rear shafts are counter-ro­tat­ing, which re­duces torque twist.

The out­put gears for the drive­shafts mesh, so the shafts counter-ro­tate. This re­duces torque twist. Gmade’s chunky MT1094 tires get glued onto one­piece wheels.

78 The com­plex cage and fuel cell de­tail­ing looks good, and a spare time mount is built in. The body also has an in­jec­tion-molded, Led-ready chrome grille.

The trans­mis­sion sits deeply be­tween the frame rails to keep the cen­ter of grav­ity low. You’ll find a full set of metal gears in­side.

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