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Both styles of Traxxas plug sup­plied with the Drive packs will fit Traxxas id charg­ers, but the bat­ter­ies do not have the id tech­nol­ogy that al­lows the charger to iden­tify the bat­tery type, cell count, and ca­pac­ity. You can still use the charger, you’ll just need to put it into Ad­vanced mode and se­lect Lipo or NIMH and the charge rate your­self (you’ll also need to plug the bal­ance port into the charger if it’s a Lipo). The charger you DO need to be care­ful with is the 4-amp DC Nimh-only charger that Traxxas in­cludes with some mod­els. As a safety fea­ture, this charger is de­signed so that only Traxxas NIMH packs can plug into it. If you try to plug a Traxxas Lipo into it, the plug sim­ply won’t fit. The Venom Drive Traxxas adapter plugs, how­ever, WILL fit, de­feat­ing the safety func­tion. All you have to do to avoid trou­ble is pay at­ten­tion. Make ab­so­lutely cer­tain to NEVER charge ANY Lipo with a NIMH charger.

Watch out: The adapter plugs for Traxxas will al­low you to plug a Venom Lipo into the Traxxas 4-amp DC NIMH charger. NEVER charge a Lipo bat­tery with a NIMH charger!

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