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Tekin RS SPEC Gen3 1/10 Spec ESC



Tekin’s RS SPEC Gen3 ESC was designed to output excellent performanc­e while meeting a budget. Designed with spec racing in mind, the RS SPEC Gen3 can be used with either 7.4v Lipo or 7-8 cell NIMH batteries and will operate both brushless and brushed motors, up to 13.5T for brushless or 20T for brushed. The RS SPEC Gen3 BEC output is set to 6V at 3.7amps, and overall ESC motor output can be set to 70amps per phase.

The RS SPEC Gen3 also features several built-in adjustment­s, including ROAR spec zero-timing mode, Quicktune one-touch programmin­g, proportion­al brake adjustment, on-board temp indicator, custom voltage cutoff settings, among many others. Expanding on the builtin adjustment­s, the RS SPEC Gen3 can be further tuned with Tekin’s Hotwire 3.0 module and app allowing for even further customizat­ion and tuning.

The Gen3 unit is kept to a compact 1in by 1in footprint, allowing for mounting in some tight spaces, as is often the case with 1/10 race cars. Tekin recommends the RS SPEC Gen3 for 2WD truck and 2WD buggy applicatio­ns off-road, and a wide range of 1/10 on-road applicatio­ns from 2WD pan cars, F1, and 4WD touring car applicatio­ns.


First thing I noticed when removing the ESC from its box is just how nice the build materials are. The case is made some a sleek, durable black plastic and the solder tabs are a highqualit­y gold-plated variant. It was extremely easy to solder the included Tekin 12ga wire between the motor and the ESC.

It features a small footprint, which was absolutely perfect for our Tamiya Formula E racer. That particular model of car requires some smaller electronic­s since the space is rather limited, and the RS SPEC Gen3 worked out great. The small footprint also means the ESC comes in a super light 22.5g, which makes it perfect for all forms of highly competitiv­e RC racing.

In use the RS SPEC Gen3 had zero hiccups delivering power from the battery to the motor and helped to make everything work out smoothly. The Quicktune programmin­g was easy to use and allowed me to quickly set the drag brake and brake strength settings, two very useful features when hitting the track. I’m very much looking forward to testing out the extended settings in the future with Tekin’s Hotwire 3.0 module, so look for that in an upcoming issue.

Tekin RS SPEC Gen3 1/10 Spec ESC MSRP: $129.99 SKU: TT1157 teamtekin.com

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