RC Car Action

Grease Your Gears


It’s a good idea to doublechec­k your gearboxes to ensure there’s an even coverage of grease on the bevel gear. Full disassembl­y isn’t required, simply remove the diff cover, usually at the front of the gearbox or a bottom plate. Inspect the bevel by rotating the drivetrain, ensuring there’s enough grease to cover the entire surface of the gear lightly.

If you notice any dry spots, or notice no grease at all, apply a bit to the bevel as it turns. It’s best to use a decent quality RC moly grease, some lightweigh­t synthetic grease, or some lightweigh­t marine grease on your diff gears. This same step can be applied to RC crawlers that use portal axles. Remove the portal axle cover to inspect for proper grease before you hit the trail.

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