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Debating The Merits Of Axial’s SCX10 III Solid Axle Conversion Kit

- Text by Lauren Short Images courtesy of Horizon Hobby

When Axial released the SCX10

III it took the RC Trail and Scale community by storm. Not only did it improve upon an already capable and well-respected chassis, but it incorporat­ed some innovative features as well. One of the biggest features of the new chassis design was the addition of new portal axles. Now to some, this was a welcomed change since portal axles, after all, have a lot of positives to them and some serious strengths for technical crawling. But to others, this was seen as a step away from the heart of scale crawlers and took away from the platform’s aesthetics and highspeed capabiliti­es.

Since its release there really hasn’t been an easy option for straight axle fans so if they wanted to enjoy the SCX10 III, they had to stick with the portals that came with it. Well, we are happy to say that is no longer the case. The day has finally come for solid axle fans to rejoice with the release of Axial’s Standard

Axle Conversion Kit for the SCX10 III, and easy all-in-one conversion kit to change your SCX10 III from portal axles to solid axles.

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