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PROTOFORM Body Grip Tool for RC Body Painting



The PROTOFORM Body Grip Tool is a unique, ingenious solution to getting a better grip while painting your RC body. Designed and manufactur­ed in the USA, the Body Grip Tool features a hard Type-1 PVC handle that is machine turned down into an ergonomic shifter style shape. This rounded shape fits many size hands and allows for different ways to grip the body tool to suit the user’s preference.

The Grip Tool includes two different sized suction cups along with precision threaded inserts to install the cups into the tool handle. The large 60mm cup is rated for up to 7lbs and is ideal for larger scale bodies while the smaller 45mm cup is rated for up to 3lbs and ideal for smaller scale bodies or bodies with hard-to-reach surfaces. PROTOFORM recommends mounting the suction cups to either the hood or the roof panel of the body for the best results.


As you may know by now, I’m a huge fan of innovative tools and gadgets so it may not come as much surprise that I had been eyeing the PF Body Grip Tool for a while as a possible addition to my paint kit. Needless to say, when it ended up on my desk for review, I was stoked to test it out!

First things first, I ensured that both the polycarbon­ate body I was about to paint AND the suction cup was clean before adhering to the roof section of the body. This is crucial, and something you learn rather quickly when using suction cup mounts on real cars. If the cup and mounting surface aren’t clean, it doesn’t matter how good the suction cup is, it won’t stay on for long.

That being said, once the PF Body Grip Tool was on, it was solidly attached. The suction cup itself is held tightly into the handle with a precision threaded metal insert, so I had no worries of it coming loose while painting. I noticed that the tool’s added grip gave me much more confidence in gripping the RC body. My hands aren’t small by any means, but even still my grip on an RC shell can sometimes slip a little when painting and dropping a body with a fresh coat onto the ground can be catastroph­ic to the paintjob, let alone the body material itself. So having this added bit of ergonomic comfort and confidence really helped to speed through the paint job.

Personally, I prefer what PROTOFORM refers to as the “effortless grip” where my palm and fingers wrap around the shell. This grip style allowed me to put just a little bit of pressure between the grip tool and the body keeping it nice and tight without any unwanted movement. In between coats I gave the body a good wave back and forth to promote drying, all the while experienci­ng no issues or concern of the tool slipping.

The Body Grip Tool held on tightly and didn’t falter. The only time the tool came off was when I decided I was done and lightly pulled up the released tab, effortless­ly releasing the tool from the roof panel. At first glance you might wonder how such a simple tool can make a difference in the painting process, but I can assure you that the PF Body Grip Tool really does improve the overall painting experience. If you’re in the market for a worthwhile tool for your paint kit, I highly recommend giving the PROTOFORM Body Grip Tool a look.

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 ??  ?? PROTOFORM Body Grip Tool for RC Body Painting MSRP: $24.95 P/N: 6349-01 racepf.com
PROTOFORM Body Grip Tool for RC Body Painting MSRP: $24.95 P/N: 6349-01 racepf.com
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