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Dan started his ‘32 Ford Roadster build with a 1/8-scale body from a Vintage Monogram kit, and mounted it to the trusty Axial SCX10 steel frame. He turned to RC4WD for the aluminum V8 motor and a single-speed aluminum transmissi­on. He dressed up the V8 with proper hotrod eye candy in the form of fuel injection stacks from a Muscle Machines diecast car. Hidden inside the RC4WD V8 is a brushless motor to power the car. He also installed a second tiny electric motor under the V8 to power the front pulleys and fan. The wild headers are crafted from heavy-gauge copper wire. For the interior, he covered the floor and door panels with sheets of aluminum which he resurfaced with a brushed aluminum look using a Dremel with a small wire brush. The dash also is aluminum and even has a cup holder crafted from small copper wire with a scale Coke can in it. The steering wheel, grab bar, and roll bar are wrapped with twine—a trick some old-school hotrods used to use— along with rope pulls for the doors. He cut down the windshield and roof to give it the chopped look, matching the low stance of the channeled body. The seats are from an old bomber (3D-printed) and he covered them in some old fabric and installed seat belts. The wheels are wide 2.2 rims, but Dan cut out the centers and replaced them with some vintage-looking centers to give the car a period look. Dan’s Deuce has working headlights and taillights and a very real-sounding Sense Innovation­s ESS-ONE sound system for which he downloaded a realistic big V8 sound.


- Chassis: Axial SCX10

- Body: Monogram 1/8-scale ’32 Ford Roadster plastic kit

- Light kit: Custom LEDS

- Sound System: Sense Innovation­s ESS-ONE

- Scale Details:

• RC4WD 1/10-scale V8 engine

• RC4WD TCI HD R4 single-speed transmissi­on

• Enderle fuel injection stacks from a Muscle Machines diecast car

• Copper wire headers

• Twine-wrapped roll bar and steering wheel

• Brushed aluminum interior panels

• 3D-printed bomber seats


Youtube: 32 Ford Roadster By Dan Boyle

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