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When RC Takes Over The Lawn

- By RCCA Staff

How obsessed are you with RC? It’s safe to assume that if you’re reading this magazine that you are pretty deep into the hobby. Just how deep does your obsession go? Are you willing to pull out your front lawn to create an RC track?

We recently received a picture from an avid RCCA reader that shows the front lawn of his house turned into an RC dirt playground and we just had to share it. The owner of the house was planning to re-landscape his front yard and as he started the project, he decided to make it a dirt track instead.

He reports it’s been a hit with his and his neighbors’ kids and that he has tried several track layouts so far. Due to its limited size, he said although 1/10-scale trucks and buggies work that smaller than 1/10-scale off roaders are best suited for it. He mentions that unfortunat­ely it probably won’t stay this way for long but he will enjoy it as long as he can. We hope he gets to enjoy it for a long while; it certainly looks like a ton of fun!

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